Meeting the highest sustainability standards

Environmental, social, and governance responsibilities.


Corporate, social, and product responsibility.

  • We always operate in accordance with laws and latest regulations governing our operations.
  • Environmental friendliness is the basis of our operations.
  • Product safety is the cornerstone for all our activities. All our products are traceable from the origin of the raw material to the end users. Factory is operated under highest food safety standards ISO22000 and BRC Consumer Products.

Occupational safety – NLC as an employer.

  • As an employer we are committed to ensuring that our employees work in a safe and clean workplace. This requires that we operate transparently and openly at all levels of our business and guarantee every employee the opportunity to be heard. We firmly believe that our future success is built through the contribution of every single employee in our company.
  • Our occupational safety and quality are certified according to ISO 45001 and ISO 9001.


The manufacture of our products does not cause deforestation – not a single tree needs to be cut down to make our products. Unlike many other bio-based materials, our raw material does not compete with the food chain.

Natural resources are not unlimited, and that is why we want to promote the vitality of forests, protect biodiversity, and reduce the use of natural resources by using only side streams of existing forest industry processes. Our operations are certified according to the ISO14001 environmental management standard.


Read more about the Life Cycle Assesments (LCA)

We are excited to present our verified Product Carbon Footprint Study, Reports are available by request with following introductions.

The Product Carbon Footprint Study is verified according to ISO 14067 & ISO 14025 standards and covers three following steps: (verified by EPD HUB)

  • cradle to gate
  • cradle to gate + use stage including waste treatment of packaging materials, 30 cycles of consumer use, and all transportation / logistics.
  • cradle to grave. (with the assumption of 30 cycles of machine washing and use, and end of life; to be treated as energy waste)

EPD Hub official websites for this study: EPD-Hub (

The Nature Line Cutlery Product Carbon Footprint Graphics Report introduce the overall distribution of life cycle emissions, and the total emissions from cradle to grave. The document also includes graphics from all stages of Life Cycle with a raw material carbon binding in cradle to gate and cradle to end of use stage. This Report/graphics also available by request.

The cradle to gate + use stage shows that our cutlery is carbon storage with a -1,20kg CO2e/kg cutlery, this means that the product binds more carbon than is emitted before end of life, which can be considered as a unique quality in the market. At the end of product life cycle, the product carbon footprint is 1,772kg CO2e/kg of cutlery, when it is incinerated for energy use, and the carbon bound in the product is released back into the atmosphere. However, if the cutlery remains in use or it is recycled for material new use (given infrastructure available), then it will continue binding more carbon than is emitted until carbon bound is released back into the atmosphere. Unique!

Company emissions and Science Based Target (SBT)

  • Companys Greenhouse Gases (GHG) / Carbon Footprint is made according to Scope 1-3.
  • The Product Carbon Footprint Study based on raw material mass balance approach.
  • Nature Line Cutlery is adding SBT’s to reduce company and stakeholders’ emissions.

In case you would like to hear about this in more detail – do not hesitate to contact us.


BRC Consumer Products
ISO 22000
ISO 9001 and 14001
ISO 45001


Tested according to EN 12875-1 dishwasher resistance.
Certificate of resistance to microwave heating, NF EN 15284:2007.
LCA according to ISO standards.
PEFC and ISCC+ in 2024.

Food safety contact is tested from ready product in an authorized facility according to latest EU regulations


Available in FSC/PEFC
Produced under ISO9001/14001
Made in Finland

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